Brad Johansen
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Jewish Sacrifices

I recently started reading the bible daily and I had a realization sometime today that Jewish people, at least as far as I knew at the time, don’t practice animal sacrifice. This of course came up as I was reading Exodus, which describes in detail the various sacrifices due to God for leading them to the Promised Land and out of Egypt. This is sort of an unremarkable fact in modern life, but it is interesting given God’s commands.

Turns out that there is a fairly simple reason for this fact. After the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, sacrifices were prohibited, because they could only be received at the Temple. These sacrifices are called the Korbanot. Interestingly, there is dispute among Jewish sects about whether or not sacrifices would return with the reconstruction of the Temple. When the Third Temple is built (in the Messianic Era), Orthodox Jews believe the sacrifices will be reinstituted, whereas reformed and conservative Jews do not believe sacrifices are necessary anymore.